Doctor Who’s top ten action-packed stunts

From swords fights to falling from space, we count down the most exhilarating thrills and spills from 10-1…

7. River’s through space (The Time of Angels)


Never quite knowing what part of time she is coming from, the Doctor got an even bigger surprise when River Song flies literally straight into him, after purposely ejecting herself from a space ship where she is a wanted criminal. Casually citing her co-ordinates, her future husband obligingly sets up his open Tardis so she can jettison straight in. She always did know how to make an entrance.

6. Captain Jack Harkness to the rescue! (The Empty Child)


River wasn’t the first friend of the Doctor who had a special knack at making an entrance. Step forward, Captain Jack Harkness – or rather fly forward, as John Barrowman’s flirty Time Agent’s debut in The Empty Child saw him rescuing Rose Tyler dangling dangerously on a rope from his space ship. Anything for a pretty face.