Doctor Who’s top ten action-packed stunts

From swords fights to falling from space, we count down the most exhilarating thrills and spills from 10-1…

9. Arrrrrrrr-my Pond (The Curse of the Black Spot)


Never exactly the damsel in distress, Amy Pond certainly got into the spirit of things when the Doctor, herself and Rory found themselves aboard a cursed pirate ship. So what’s a girl to do? Ignite a fittingly swashbuckling sword fight with the entire crew, of course, adorned in classic pirate hat and bright pink tights. True Pond style.

8. The spoon is mightier than the sword (Robot of Sherwood)


After spending the first ten minutes of the episode insisting he wasn’t real, the twelfth Doctor found himself embroiled in a sword fight with the apparently very real Robin Hood. Balancing, Dirty Dancing style, atop a tree trunk in a river, the Doctor chooses a unique form of attack against the legendary outlaw: a spoon.