Doctor Who’s top ten action-packed stunts

From swords fights to falling from space, we count down the most exhilarating thrills and spills from 10-1…

While it might not have the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, Doctor Who does see its fair share of action – an occupational hazard of travelling through time and space. 


But what has been Doctor Who’s most exciting stunt? thinks we know, so have have compiled our  top ten.

Do you have a different opinion, though? Make sure to let us know below. 

10. Chasing Martha (The Sound of Drums)


During the Master’s ruthless takeover as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Doctor was forced to take alternative transport from his Tardis as Martha recklessly drove them out of danger with a good old fashioned car chase. Actress Freema Agyeman earnt her stripes by actually taking the wheel herself for the fast-paced stunt scenes.