Fifty Shades of Grey becomes highest-grossing 18 film ever

In just ten days, the erotic film has broken UK box office records for an 18-rated film

Sex sells, and no matter how confused the picture is over a Fifty Shades sequel, the film has been a predictably potent performer at the box office.


Fifty Shade of Grey became the highest grossing 18-rated film ever in the UK after just ten days in cinemas. The erotic novel adaptation earned £25.2 million in UK cinemas alone, and has so far taken over $400 million worldwide.

The film breaks the previous UK record for an 18, held by The Wolf of Wall Street. The film had already managed to set a new record for the highest opening weekend of an 18 certificated film when it was released for Valentine’s Day.

Given those numbers, it seems likely that Universal studios will press on with a Fifty Shades sequel, despite rumours that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has pulled out of working on the next instalment.


The film was rated 18 in the UK, but certificates for Fifty Shades have varied around the world. In France, for example, the movie is classed as suitable for anyone over 12 years old.