Crabzilla vs Octosaurus is the tidal pool battle that heralds the end of the world

This incredible video shows an octopus walking on dry land and attacking a crab

There was one thing protecting humanity from the octopus – while the tentacled terrors ruled beneath the ocean, we still had the advantage on dry land. But no more. 


In an animal brawl straight out of King Kong vs Godzilla, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus or Kramer vs Kramer, an octopus is seen springing out of a tidal pool to drag a crab back into the water.

I’ll say that again: an octopus springs out of the water, grabs a peaceful crustacean and, after some brief moments of grappling, pulls it into the briny depths.


Hug your children close. They’ve started with crabs, but soon the insidious invertebrates will come for us all, ink in our eyes, suckers down our throats. It’s only a matter of time.