Broadchurch series three: what YOU want to see

A Hardy and Miller spinoff? Justice for Joe Miller? Some readers have shared their ideas - now tell us yours...


It’s official, Broadchurch will be back for another series. The question is: how?


Joe Miller has been found not guilty and packed off to Sheffield, the Sandbrook case is solved and the Latimers seem finally to be able to move on after that horrific court case.

But writer Chris Chibnall has another tale to tell, saying, “This third chapter has been a glint in my eye for a long time and I’m thrilled to be writing these characters once again.”

We’l have to leave him to it of course, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate on what happens next. Given the secrecy surrounding this series, it could be a while before we know for certain, so what are you hoping to see in Broadchurch series three?

Even though there has been a mixed response to some of the series two storylines, the central partnership of Hardy and Miller has stood firm.

Many comments on our Facebook page suggest a completely new story featuring Alec and Ellie. This would allow thngs to move on from the events around Danny’s death, which arguably have run their course. As Dale Latham says, “Where can the story go?”

‘Hardy and Miller’ does have a nice ring to it after all.

Eve Ford agreed – on one condition: “I really enjoyed the finale,” she wrote. “But I too would prefer a spin off with Hardy and Miller… but no romantic attachment.”

Others however wondered how Hardy and Miller could remain a team given that their partnership appears to have ended with Sandbrook. “Hardy should have his own show like Endeavour: two hour movies, separate stories,” suggested Mags Duffy.

That idea doesn’t seem to fly with creator Chris Chibnall, who confirmed that both David Tennant and Olivia Colman will be returning for Broadchurch series three.

The fate of the other characters is less clear. Jodie Whitaker, who plays Beth Latimer, told Dorset newspaper Bridport News that she didn’t know whether she would be in series three or not: “I will be looking forward to it if I can go and woo Chris to be in it,” she said.

Plenty of viewers did see scope for more stories featuring this existing cast. There was the defence barrister Sharon’s young son in prison, for example. “Maybe that will be the next case?” suggests Jessica Box-Marston on Facebook.

Charlotte Rampling’s character Jocelyn Knight did seem awfully interested in that case file…

Joe Miller, too, is still free and about to start a new life in Sheffield…

Yes, returning to Joe could easily have us going in circles…

Either way, many of you believe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Joe Miller…


A prophecy from Henry?

What would you like to see happen in Broadchurch series three? Add you comments below, or send us your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook.