Oscars 2015 as it happened

Your essential recap to our all night festival of film featuring everything and everyone that mattered at the biggest night in the Hollywood calendar

Hello and welcome to THE biggest and most important night in Hollywood’s social calender. It’s the night when the good, the great and the seriously famous walk the red carpet, hoping and praying that this will be year they get their hands on one of those iconic golden statuettes.


It’s the 87th Academy Awards and we, RadioTimes.com, are here bringing you all the important news – plus celebrity trips, photobombs and selfies – LIVE from the Oscars (in a cinema in Notting Hill.)

05:10 And that’s it. The Oscars is over for another year. Thanks for staying up and watching it with us. To bed? 

05:06 Birdman wins best picture! Is that a shock? A lot of people thought Boyhood was guaranteed that prize… 

04:56 Julianne Moore picks up the best actress award for Still Alice. “So many people with this disease feel marginalised…and people with Alzheimers deserve to be seen, so we can find a cure.” 

04:51 Eddie Redmayne wins best actor. He kisses his wife and swears (quietly) looking very emotional indeed. He screeches with joy and straightens his bow tie. “I’m fully aware I’m a lucky, lucky man. This is to all those people around the world battling ALS”

04:42 Birdman’s Alejandro G. Iñárritu picks up the prize for best director. Apparently he’s wearing “real Michael Keaton tighty whities” and credits them with his good luck and “incredible recognition” this evening.

04:35 The Imitation Game picks up its first Oscar for best adapted screenplay, with another touching, moving speech from screenwriter Graham Moore, who said: “Alan Turing never got to stand on a stage like this, and I do and I think that’s the most absurdly unfair thing I’ve ever heard.”

“When I was 16 years old I tried to kill myself,” he added, saying, “and now I’m standing here. I would like this moment to be for that kid out there who thinks she’s weird or different or doesn’t fit in.”

“Stay weird. Stay different. And when it’s your turn to stand on this stage, pass the message along.” 

04:33 Larry’s a lucky dog, getting his very own mention in Birdman’s best original screenplay speech…

04:23 Twitter cannot get enough of showbiz’s newest friendship…

04:18 It’s now a medley of all the Sound of Music songs we know and love. It’s a little confusing to see Gaga in a conservative white gown just singing, without any gimmicks. But I think I love it. 

And so do the audience, who are back on their feet. AND Julie Andrews, who is now hugging Lady Gaga and thanking her for “that wonderful tribute.”

“It really warmed my heart,” she adds. 

04:16 So Lady Gaga is singing The Hills Are Alive in a tribute to classic musical The Sound of Music, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year…

04:06 Powerful Selma performance of song Glory provokes tears from the crowd… and then goes on to win best original song. “This bridge was built on hope and elevated by compassion.”

04:04 Idina Menzil introduces John Travolta as Glom Gazingo – “I deserve that” – and he manages to pronounce her name properly, unlike last year… 

Remember this?

03:54 There has been a photobomb. We repeat, there has been an Oscars photobomb. All we need now is someone to fall over… 

Photo bombed by my favorite couple Jennifer and Justin #Oscars

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03:45 A lot of people aren’t impressed that Joan Rivers was missed off the In Memoriam list… 

03:43 British fave Benedict Cumberbatch is on the stage. He’s not picking up the gong for best actor (they save that category until we are REALLY sleepy), he’s presenting the award for film editing. And the Oscar goes to… Whiplash! 

03:41 From JK Simmonds to Patricia Arquette, we’ve already had some impressive speeches this evening. It’d almost like they’ve read Emma Daly’s guide to celeb speech giving… 

03:37 We’ve still got some important categories ahead of us tonight, including best director, best actress, best actor and the all important best picture. Do you have your fingers crossed for anyone? Are you too tired to cross your fingers…?

03:31 Meryl Streep gives an emotional introduction to the In Memoriam section, reminding us of the Hollywood stars from behind and in front of the camera who we have sadly lost this year. 

03:22 We don’t know about you, but it’s time for sustenance and some much-needed caffeine. 3:20am is a fine time to eat breakfast, right?

02:33 “Things sound particularly delightful when you are British. Everything sounds better in a British accent,” says host Neil Patrick Harris, getting Selma’s David Oyelowo to say the punchline in a joke about last year’s Annie remake.

02:19 Everything is Awesome at the 87th Academy Awards as Lonely Island take to the stage to sing their Lego Movie song. Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Oprah were awarded Lego Oscar statuettes. It was more than a little surreal. A tad Eurovision, but I think you’ll agree that’s rarely a bad thing. #everythingisawesome

02:12 Ida director Pawel Pawlikowski really going for it in his speech for best foreign language film. Talking through TWO musical prompts to wrap it up. 

02:01 The Grand Budapest Hotel has already picked up its second prize, winning best costume and best makeup and hairstyling. 

01:57 Who else just sprinted to the loo during that ad break? 

01:50 Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson has left the red room (but not the colour) to introduce Adam Levine and his song from movie Begin Again. 

01:48 It’s lovely Liam Neeson on stage to talk best picture nominees.  

01:43 JK Simmons for his role in Whiplash. “Wow. Thank you,” he said. “I am grateful every day for the most remarkable person I know: my wife. I’m grateful for your love, your kindness, you wisdom, your sacfrice and your patience. Which brings me to our above average children… smart, funny, kind people. And that’s because you are a reflection of your mother.”

“Call your mum. Call your dad,” he continued. “If you are lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. Don’t text them. Call them and tell them you love them.”

01:40 Our first award of the night? Best supporting actor. And the shiny golden prize goes to… 

01:35 Loving this musical opener. Hoping Jack Black continues to narrate in song from the corner of the stage… 

01:31 We are off! And Neil Patrick Harris has already made a race joke… “Tonight we honour Hollywood’s best and whitest – sorry, I mean brightest.”

01:27 Just minutes until the ceremony starts. Need a reminder of the best picture nominees, anyone? 

01:18 Has Benedict Cumberbatch managed to photobomb anyone yet? Remember this classic from last year’s red carpet… 

01:06 “We are more than just our dresses,” says Reese Witherspoon, who is encouraging presenters to #AskHerMore than just ‘What are you wearing?’ tonight. 

01:03 Erm, has anyone seen Jennifer Lawrence yet? The red carpet just isn’t the same without her…

00:55 Cumberbatch is on the carpet, with his mum, dad and new wife Sophie. Like fellow Brits Redmayne and Pike, he’s disappointed by the lack of American sunshine. “It’s squishy on the carpet,” he said, before giving a shout out to his friends watching back in England. He means us, right? 

00:53 Sock drawer? Bathroom? Wanna know where former winners are keeping their iconic statuettes

00:48 Twitter has high hopes for Harris… Do you?

00:43 Neil Patrick Harris has been doing a spot of yoga to relax before tonight. Naturally we did a few stretches ourselves before turning on our latops… 

00:39 Talk of the devil – Neil Patrick Harris is now walking the red carpet in a really rather stylish grey suit. We are hoping he draws from his How I Met Your Mother Days, rather than his Gone Girl character Desi, during tonight’s show. 

00:35 Rosamund Pike, looking amazing in a red dress with a seriously high split, says she’s flying the flag for Gone Girl: “I feel alone!”  

She’ll be keeping her distance from Gone Girl co-star and Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris, though. “David Fincher has programmed me to do terrible things to Neil,” she jokes. 

00:33 Felicity Jones says the Oscars are “absolutely insane” and “unbelievable.” “My family are here with me which is lovely,” she adds. 

00:24 Was 12 years of filming Boyhood worth it? “Hell yeah. You know how many bad movies I can make in 12 years?!” says Ethan Hawke. 

00:19 Redmayne is a “wee bit jetlagged” and disappointed that it’s raining AGAIN in LA. His wife is apparently still waiting for her honeymoon, too.

“Once I finish this job we are going to go and find a beach somewhere,” he says…

00:10 We’ve spied Eddie Redmayne and his new wife Hannah on the red carpet. We are big fans of his performance in The Theory of Everything.

How do you rate his chances of picking up the best actor gong? Get involved in the comments box below… 

00:03 There is still just under an hour and a half until the ceremony starts. So don’t go yawning just yet… 

23:53 We are seeing the first red carpet arrivals. Brit Felicity Jones is wearing a proper princess-style gown. Alexa Chung isn’t impressed, but let’s be honest, people, it’s totally what we’d wear if we ever found ourselves nominated… 

23:47 Here’s our home for the night. It’s a bed. But there will be no sleeping. Promise! 

23:33 We might not have quite made it across the Atlantic (we assume our invites got lost in the post…), but we we are mere minutes away from Hugh Grant’s bookshop in Notting Hill. And we think you’ll agree that’s almost as glamorous… 


We’re here at The Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, with Sky Movies.