New House of Cards trailer shows Kevin Spacey at war

The Underwood's marriage seems uncertain in new footage from the Netflix drama


We only have a few days to wait until the next season of House of Cards shuffles into our hands (assuming you didn’t see any of it when it “appeared” online briefly last week) – but Netflix have given us another sneak peek at the deck.


Admittedly we don’t get a lot more info than the last trailer – lots of heavy mood music, people standing in dimly-lit areas and lots of scheming – but there are one or two new details that we managed to catch.

It’s clear that this series the dream team of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) is under strain as she questions their commitment to being a bit evil – could she be about to crack? Frank certainly seems a bit touchy on the subject…

Elsewhere, it also appears that Frank spends some time in a war zone, be-flak jacketed and walking in from a sandy landscape; we can’t imagine the series wasting too much time on depicting a Presidential PR stunt, so what could happen to him there?

It’s unclear for now; but all questions will be hopefully answered when we all coincidentally get sick on Friday and are FORCED to stay at home to binge the whole series…


House of Cards season 3 is released on Netflix on Friday 27th February