Faye Marsay: I would definitely play Shona again in Doctor Who

The Last Christmas star is up for reprising her role, but... "No-one's rung..."


With her gobby disposition and excellent dance moves, Faye Marsay’s Shona struck a chord among Doctor Who fans in last year’s Christmas special Last Christmas. And luckily for them, it’s a role that Marsay is keen to reprise. 


Asked whether she would ever return to the show, the Pride and Fresh Meat star said, “Definitely! I loved working with the people. They’re wonderful to work with and incredibly talented. And Peter Capaldi! God, I fancy him so much. He’s amazing! The people, the production and the crew are the nicest people. And again, being really sycophantic, it’s a really nice set up they have in Cardiff, and really good people who care about the show. I would definitely go back and do more Doctor Who.”

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In the episode, Shona is one of the victims of the Dreamcrabs, who have pulled her and others – including the Doctor and Clara – into a dream world. However, Shona might have to wait a while for that reunion with the dream team that she wanted at the end of the episode, with there having been no talk – yet – of her returning. 

“Whether they’d have me back,” she tells Den of Geek, “I don’t know! No-one’s rung, so I’ve got to let it go and be thankful I was in it in the first place!”

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