Oscars 2015: Meet the Best Supporting Actor nominees

Just who are Best Supporting Actor nominees Mark Ruffalo, J.K Simmons, Robert Duvall, Ethan Hawke and Edward Norton?

Today’s the day the Oscar nominees are announced and these lucky chaps are in the running for Best Supporting Actor for this year’s 87th awards…


Mark Ruffalo

Film: Foxcatcher

Oscar history: Nominated in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor for The Kids Are All Right.

Mark Ruffalo joins Steve Carell in dramatically changing his image for this hard-hitting portrayal of the real life events surrounding the careers of professional wrestling brothers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and his older brother Dave (Ruffalo). It’s a film in which they all equally draw your attention on screen and a win here would follow Ruffalo’s nomination for the same award at this year’s Golden Globes.

J.K. Simmons

Film: Whiplash

Oscar history: Simmons has just won a Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for Whiplash at the 2015 Golden Globes. This would be his first Oscar

J.K Simmons’s upcoming film list makes you feel tired just reading it: Terminator Genisys, Kong: Skull Island, Rock Dog… it goes on. This follows parts in smash-hit films including Spider-Man, Juno and Contraband.  In Whiplash – a film which has seen co-star Miles Teller earn a BAFTA rising star nom – he plays a vicious mentor intent on guiding a young jazz drummer (Teller) to success. Radio Times film critics mark his performance as the terrifying, foul-mouthed mentor “spectacular”. 

Robert Duvall

Film: The Judge

Oscar history: Duvall won an Oscar in 1984 for Tender Mercies and has an impressive five other Academy Award nominations under his belt, including most recently A Civil Action in 1999.

Veteran actor Robert Duvall sure boasts a hefty list of Academy Award nominations, with a well deserved win in 1984. This year he’s in the running once again thanks to courtroom drama The Judge, in which he stars alongside Robert Downey Jr. Duvall plays Joseph Palmer, a local town judge who is himself accused of murder, which his big city lawyer son (Downey Jr) tries to clear him of.

Ethan Hawke

Film: Boyhood

Oscar history: Hawke boasts three Oscar nominations, two for screen writing – on Before Sunset (2005) and Before Midnight (2014) – and best actor for Training Day (2002).

Hawke stars as the dad in this epic story of a young American every-boy (Ellar Coltrane), shot at various intervals over 12 years. Travelling through wildly different events including a midnight Harry Potter launch and Obama’s first presidential term, Radio Times critics mark it out as being “as uplifting as it is universal”. Hawke has several Oscar nominations under his belt, but a win this year would be his first.

Edward Norton

Film: Birdman

Oscar history: Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Primal Fear (1997) and Best Actor for American History X (1999)


Norton’s impressive film CV boasts Fight Club, American History X and The Incredible Hulk. With a couple of Oscar nominations to his name, he’s back in the running for a win this year after a tremendous turn alongside Michael Keaton in Birdman as diva-licious actor Mike, who threatens to ruin the stage production with his over the top manner.