Extreme swimwear, cat-fights and comedy: The TOWIE cast reveal gossip from series 14

As the new run kicks off this Sunday, cast members Lydia, Bobby, Lewis and Georgia tell RadioTimes.com what to expect...

“If you took all the girls and gays out of the show and just left the rest of us, it would be crap,” laughs TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor.


He’s right. It might not always be great for feminism, but the women on this long-running reality show really are the best source of drama with their never-ending fights, grudges and public displays of fury.

And TOWIE fans will have plenty of friendship fall-outs to revel in as the females (plus willykini-wearing Bobby and Lauren’s sidekick Vaz) head out to Tenerife for the first episode of series 14 on Sunday.

As RadioTimes.com sits down for a chat with Lydia-Rose Bright, Bobby Norris, Georgia Kousoulou and Lewis Bloor, Lydia sums up the first episode perfectly: “I was arguing, Danielle was arguing, Ferne was arguing, Leah was arguing, Chloe was arguing…to be fair everyone was arguing…”.


Does that sound drama-filled enough for you? Yep, us too. Watch the cast fill us in the TOWIE series 14 below…