EastEnders star Ben Hardy reveals Peter Beale exit storyline

Actor Ben Hardy knew before Christmas that Bobby was the killer, and reveals he has already filmed his final appearance as Peter


EastEnders actor Ben Hardy says that Bobby Beale’s unmasking as Lucy’s killer has something to do with Peter Beale’s exit.


Hardy, who plays Peter in the BBC soap, also revealed that he had been told that Bobby Beale was the killer before Christmas.

He explained during last night’s EastEnders Backstage show that he had already filmed his final scenes as Peter Beale – and that the revelation about Peter’s half brother Bobby has something to do with his exit.

“I am going to miss Peter. I will, a lot,” Hardy told presenter Zoe Ball after the live show, adding mysteriously, “All I’m going to say is the big reveal of Bobby being the killer has a large impact on Peter.”

Hardy was never going to completely give the game away about his exit storyline, especially considering that he had kept the secret of who killed Lucy since Christmas.

“I found out just before Christmas,” he said. “I’m so relieved that it’s out there!”

Before he found out, Hardy had wondered whether his character was the killer: “Today’s my last day, so I thought it was good timing!” he said.


“It’s my last day, but it’s not Peter’s last day,” he added, leaving everyone to wonder: what does killer Bobby have to do with Peter’s exit?