Zoella and the top 10 UK YouTubers finding fame and fortune online

Ever wished you just quit the day job and stay at home for the day instead? Meet the internet vlogging sensations carving out careers from their bedrooms...

5. Marcus Butler (3,478,165 YouTube subscribers)

A YouTuber since 2010, Marcus Butler pops a new video online every single Saturday. His subject matter ranges from the things that annoy him to the games he’s playing but no matter what the topic his adoring fans come back for more.


Butler’s YouTube antics have earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the “most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two”. His online following is phenomenal and his was named one of Britain’s most influential Tweeters back in 2013.

Social Stats: 1.98mTwitter followers, 1.8m Instagram followers,1,271,602 Facebook likes

4. PointlessBlog (3,727,779 YouTube subscribers)

Did you spot The Pointless Book on the bestseller shelves over Christmas? Meet the man behind it, Sunday Times bestselling author Mr Alfie Deyes. You might also refer to him as Mr Zoella, for he’s the other half of Zoe Sugg and completes the YouTube power couple known as Zalfie.

Deyes found fame all by himself before dating Zoe though. His collection of curious and comedic videos gained him millions of subscribers across three channels, including PointlessBlogTV and AlfieGames: 1,979,169 people signed up to watch his video diaries while 1,252,637 like nothing more than watching him play video games.

Social Stats: 2.2m Twitter followers, 2.3m Instagram followers, 1,345,575 Facebook likes

3. Caspar Lee (3,771,357 YouTube subscribers)

He may not be from the UK but South African Caspar Lee certainly has found his feet on the UK YouTube circuit. The roommate of UK YouTuber ThatcherJoe (see below) has racked up a whopping 3,771,357 subscribers in just under four years online.


His quirky sense of humour and tendencies to play up to the female audience certainly help his cause. That’s probably why his second channel, MoreCaspar, boasts another million followers too.

Social Stats: 2.39m Twitter followers, 2.2m Instagram followers, 914,236 Facebook likes

2. ThatcherJoe (3,772,675 YouTube subscribers)

Zoella isn’t the only YouTuber in the Sugg family. Her younger brother Joe Sugg boasts his very own YouTube channel packed with prank videos, curious challengers, and a hefty heap of subscribers to boot.

Sugg’s got two more rather popular channels: Thatcher JoeVlogs is watched by almost 1.5 million people while ThatcherJoeGames pulls in 537,603 subscribers. Is it any wonder that, like his sister before him, he’s just signed a book deal? Don’y worry, we really don’t know either.

Social Stats: 1.78m Twitter followers, 2.1m Instagram followers, 1,690,956 Facebook likes

1. Danisnotonfire (4,472,146 million YouTube subscribers)

A YouTuber since 2006, Dan Howell has made his mark by making videos about his own escapades. “I make videos about how awkward I am and people laugh at me” he says in his official YouTube blurb.

Howell went to university to study law but dropped out so he could video blog full time. His gamble paid off because not only did his channel explode online, he was also picked up by BBC Radio 1 to co-host (with fellow YouTuber Phil Lester) a Sunday night show in 2013.

Social Stats: 1.81m Twitter followers, 1.1m Instagram followers, 963,072 Facebook likes

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