Oscars 2015: who will win? Andrew Collins picks his favourites

The Radio Times film editor predicts who will win at this year's Academy Awards

The 2015 Oscars ceremony is almost here, but who should you expect to be taking home the gold statuettes this Sunday? Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo gave us their predictions – but now it’s Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins’ turn.


Refresh your memory of the nominations here, and jump down to the comments section below to discuss your Academy Award favourites.

Best Picture

Andrew’s pick: Boyhood

“Boyhood cannot be overtaken this season. It’s bad luck to be up against such a unique and successful project.”

Best Actress

Andrew’s pick: Julianne Moore

“She will ruin Felicity Jones’s night with her unusually radiant depiction of Alzheimer’s in Still Alice.”

Best Actor

Andrew’s pick: Eddie Redmayne 

“His Professor Stephen Hawking is a masterclass and the Americans love a posh, clever Brit (which both are).”

Best Director

Andrew’s pick: Alejandro González Iñárritu 

“Boyhood’s Richard Linklater might be pipped by Alejandro González Iñárritu for his high-wire act on the “one-take” Birdman.”

Best Supporting Actor

Andrew’s pick: JK Simmons

“JK Simmons has been working all his life for this, and deserves to win for Whiplash.”

Best Supporting Actress

Andrew’s pick: Patricia Arquette

“Not just for devoting 12 years to Boyhoodbut for stealing the film from her boy.”


Live coverage of the 2015 Academy Awards begins with the Red Carpet from 11.30pm on Sky Living