#EELive: EastEnders breaks all Twitter soap records, but what was everyone talking about?

EastEnders mixed up with The Simpsons, a very confused US teen called Bobbie Beale, and a woman who screamed so loudly the police were called: the best EastEnders Twitter reactions


A small piece of TV history was made last night. EastEnders viewers finally found out who killed Lucy Beale, and the episode broke all Twitter records for a soap, with over a million messages posted in a single evening.


32,0638 tweets were sent in the minute after (spoilers!) Bobby Beale was revealed to be Lucy’s killer. 

That’s a lot of OMG! replies to sift through, but we’ve tried our best to pick out the best reactions of the night.

First things first: this is the EastEnders production team watching the episode as it goes out. Remember, even the cast said they didn’t know whodunnit, so almost all of these people were as shocked as the rest of us. Was this what your living room sounded like?

It certainly was in Hackney, where Sergeant Richard Berns (Burns? No, more on that later) reported that a woman had screamed so loudly the police had been called.

#EELive had been trending all evening, but when the episode ended, a new name popped up. Errr, was Dallas on?

Of course not, it was Bobby Beale, that devious 11-year-old Omen look-a-like who reminds you of your younger brother…

Although one man still thought it was all a cover-up.

Twitter allowed ‘Bobby’ to give his side of the story.

Thanks Bobby.

Meanwhile, in California, USA, a girl called Bobbie Beale was receiving some very confusing messages.

What would you do in this situation? Take a selfie, naturally.

Bobbie wins. Now, what about Dot?

And why was everyone talking about Mr Burns from The Simpsons? Well…

Even with all the excitement, it’s the little details that matter.

Twitter appreciates these small touches.


After all that, there is STILL a whole live episode on Friday to come. Surely they can’t top that? The man in charge says he can.