Doctor Who’s top ten gadgets

From guns that shoot squares to 3D glasses, here is some of the Doctor's best tech from 10-1…

The Tardis and the sonic screwdriver might be Doctor Who’s most famous gadgets, but they are not the only ones. In his travels across time and space the Doctor has encountered all kinds of alien technology, and made a fair amount of it himself – some of which are more believable than others. 


But which is best/strangest of the last ten years? thinks we know, so have compiled our top ten. 

Do you have a different opinion, though? Leave it in the comments below… 

10. Superphone (The End of the World) 


We all get a bit annoyed at our phone tariffs sometimes, but imagine what the bill cost must be on the ‘superphone’, a normal mobile phone modified by the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver so that it can call anyone from any era of time. Used by the likes of Martha and Donna, Rose was the first companion to have her Nokia 3200 significantly upgraded, being able to ring up her mum from millions of years in the future, while watching the earth burn up in front of her. Still, it’s no Angry Birds, is it?