Can we guess what’s going to happen in Call the Midwife series 4 episode 6?

Ellie Walker-Arnott gazes for literally minutes into her crystal ball (and at some preview pictures) before predicting the future of the Nonnatus nuns and midwives...

The sun was out in Poplar last weekend. Fred had a hankie on his head, and the midwives were dreaming of ice creams rather than slices of Victoria sponge. 


Cynthia was back from the mother house, looking wonderfully at home in her new nun’s garb, while a melancholy Trixie returned all her engagement presents. 

Barbara met a pregnant Sylheti woman who couldn’t speak any English, and Sister Julienne’s faith was tested by a woman who refused to give her baby medicine on religious grounds, while Poplar at large was threatened by an outbreak of diphtheria. 

An overworked Dr Turner had a crisis of faith when he failed to recognise a baby with brittle bone disease and the parents were suspected of child abuse. While Shelagh donned a nurse’s uniform and ran the surgery, the doctor retired to his bed, and was only persuaded to return after the residents of Poplar filled his living room with gifts and Get Well Soon cards. 

But what’s going to happen this Sunday? Time to make some spurious suggestions… 

Nonnatus House is a minefield for anyone watching their waistline, or worrying about their cholesterol level. In every cupboard, draw, nook and cranny there are biscuits, liquor chocolates and fattening treats like deep-fried samosas. Nurse Crane has been doing her best to stay on the straight and narrow. She’s been eschewing the thrice-daily cake break, and swapping bacon and batter for apples and pears, but the temptation is getting too much. Give her a couple of weeks and she’ll be sneaking pies up to her bedroom, Sister Monica Joan-style. 

Forget cramped slums or high rise tenements, this couple appear to be sheltering under a trunkless tree. The housing situation must be really getting bad in Poplar…

Or perhaps the scouts and the local am dram society have teamed up in the village hall and upped their game. With the nuns and midwives facing dark and dreadful situations week on week, they’ve ditched dancing donkeys and sweet snowflake songs. This summer’s show: Stephen Sondheim’s subversive fairytale Into the Woods.  

She might have only just ended her engagement to Tom but Trixie is back to her bubbly best, dolled up to the nines and out on the town with her Nonnatus pals. As per, she’s already attracting attention from the local chaps and it’s a good job too. She’s determined to “win” this break-up. Forget life as a curate’s wife, she needs someone who is flash, charming and preferably a Rock Hudson lookalike. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Patsy and Delia are the will-they-won’t-they(-can-they?) couple of the moment in Poplar. This week, the pair throw caution to the wind and head off to the pier (aka the place where all romantic dramas, engagements and break ups take place). Will they finally be honest about their feelings for one another?  

Fred’s had a quiet couple of episodes, so naturally he’s whipped out one of his uniforms. This week, the shiny buttons and badges appear to have snagged him a spot of female attention. And it’s high-time too. 

Now, a night-time stroll in aid of the fight against communism isn’t what we’d call a classic first date, but, hey, it’s good for couples to have shared interests…


Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC1