Why you should follow… Better Call Saul’s @TomSchnauz

The Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad writer has some pretty cool insight about how the shows are made

Want to know how one of the smartest-written series on Netflix (in the UK) is made? Thomas Schnauz’s Twitter feed is the behind-the-scenes story of what it’s like to write Better Call Saul.


Show writer Thomas Schnauz (who also worked with creator Vince Gilligan on Breaking Bad) has been offering some teasing insights into the screenwriters’ process via his Twitter profile.

Like this beauty, which shows how the team keep track of the plot in each episode… with neat, hand-written index cards (spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched episode three and has really good eyesight).

Here’s the image as big as it will go. Tap to zoom in…

Schnauz, whos past credits include The X-Files and US comedy Reaper, has snapped plenty of behind-the-scenes pics of Bob Odenkirk & co while on set, like this Breaking Bad-inspired scene from ep three of Better Call Saul.

Episode three, ‘Nacho’, was Schnauz’s baby, and he talked to The Hollywood Reporter after it aired about how the show could move backwards – and forwards – in time: “The whole show is a flashback, so we have this free reign to sort of jump further back in time, go way back or flash ahead or jump into the scene that is during the time of Breaking Bad or go to Omaha,” he explained.

“We like to play around with that as long as it makes sense and we’re not just doing it to be artsy fartsy. Whatever the most interesting way to tell the story is, that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Schnauz also talks about the episode on the Better Call Saul Insider podcast.

Schnauz’s snaps suggest that the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul team is a pretty close-knit, if twisted, family. After all, who wouldn’t want a Saul-inspired birthday cake?

Or Tortuga’s severed head as a Christmas present? 


Oh, and here’s the man himself. Thomas Schnauz: Remember His Name.