EastEnders live: 5 bloopers Walford hopes won’t happen again

Zooming cameras, moniker mix ups and coming back from the dead...

Lights, camera… blooper!


The cast of EastEnders are in the midst of a dramatic week of live shows. The climax of the ‘who killed Lucy?’ plot is finally upon us as the soap celebrates 30 years on the air. But going live comes with its fair share of problems, as the cast of ‘Enders well know. 

Last night actress Jo Joyner called Ian Beale by his actual name, Adam, and the internet has had a blooming good laugh about it. Joyner herself (who returned as Tanya) said she’s “gutted” about the mistake

But back when Walford braved its first ever live episode for its 25th anniversary, there was many a duffed line and shaky moment. Here are just a few they’ll be hoping to avoid tonight…


Just a minute

Sam Womack (who plays Ronnie Mitchell) accidentally left the Minute Mart without paying. Tut tut.

Wayward camera

Zooming in on EastEnders? We’ll file that one under ‘oops’. 

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Dead or alive?

Actor Charlie Clements appears to have survived a really rather nasty fall… yet his finger moved when he was supposed to be dead. Hey, maybe it was really windy? 

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Shake it off

A shaky camera anyone? Perhaps they tripped over a pair of Pat Butcher’s old earrings. 

Lines, what lines?

Scott Maslen, who plays Jack Branning, went rogue with his lines during the 25th live episode. What’s a little artistic licence among friends?

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EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 7:30pm


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