District 9’s Neill Blomkamp to direct Alien 5

The South African got the job after posting ideas for a sequel on Instagram

He’s already brought aliens to Johannesburg and now District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has another extraterrestrial project – a sequel to the Alien films.


Blomkamp announced the news on his Instagram page this morning with a concept design for the titular xenomorph and a slightly surprised message, to the general delight of his fans.

But this isn’t the director’s first dalliance with Alien on Instagram; Blomkamp has been posting concept art for an Alien film since January, when he indicated that his involvement with the film had been considered but ultimately rejected so he felt free to share his ideas. Whoops…

While it’s unclear exactly how Blomkamp will continue the Alien story, the earlier artwork he posted indicates a return for series lead Ripley as played by Sigourney Weaver (who also appears in the director’s latest movie Chappie) and the spaceship from the original Alien film where the xenomorphs first attacked.

Blomkamp’s film might also ignore the unpopular third and fourth Alien movies, instead continuing the plot of James Cameron’s critically-acclaimed 1986 film Aliens. Cameron’s sequel starred Michael Biehn as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (below) who was killed offscreen before David Fincher’s 1992 Alien 3.

Ridley Scott, who directed the original Alien film, will produce the movie through his company Scott Free while also working on a follow-up to Alien prequel Prometheus.


You can find more of Neill Blomkamp’s alien concept art here