Fifty Shades of Mayhem

Blood, sweat and tears have followed this blockbuster since opening over Valentine's Day


Fifty Shades of Grey has been causing quite a stir in theatres, but not in the way we expected.


As the erotic fan fiction-based film continues to break records and reign supreme at the box office, reports have been surfacing of mishaps caused by patrons oblivious to the rules for seeing the adaptation.

Most notable has been the arrest of three women in Glasgow’s west end who assaulted a man during the Valentine’s Day showing. After asking the three “rowdy” women in front of him to calm down, a moviegoer was attacked with a glass bottle and cut. Story goes the Grosvenor Cinema staff had to wipe off blood from the seats before starting the next viewing. If nothing else, the situation makes a great case for not serving alcohol at the cinema or asking anyone to do anything ever again.

Meanwhile, a woman in Mexico was arrested for really, er, getting into the spirit of the film in the twelfth row.

Not surprisingly, this rambunctious behaviour isn’t strictly reserved for the older generation. Despite being under the 17 years of age required for an R-rated movie, 100 Florida teens rushed a cinema in the hopes of sneaking in. Fearful for a repeat performance, the mall that the cinema was housed in has mandated a parental chaperone for teenagers after 9:00 pm.