Benedict Cumberbatch leaves new wife Sophie Hunter at home to go on honeymoon with Jimmy Kimmel

Just days after his wedding, Cumberbatch turned up for an interview with the US talk show host - who did his best to recreate that honeymoon vibe

Does Benedict Cumberbatch’s professionalism know no bounds? The Oscar-nominated Imitation Game star only got married at the weekend but if new wife Sophie Hunter thought she was getting a long, relaxing honeymoon – walks on the beach, just the two of them enjoying their new found status as man and wife – she was out of luck.


Cumberbatch is too dedicated – and, let’s be honest, too polite – to cancel an appointment for anything, so it was nice that when he turned up on US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, the host made an effort to create a suitably romantic mood, with a tropical setting, wedding gifts and cocktails (of a sort).

It’s just a shame he didn’t invite Sophie too…