Hunger Games fans conquer Twitter to “unlock” new Mockingjay scene

An ingenious PR stunt revealed President Snow and Peeta having it out in a previously unseen clip...


If there’s one way to attract attention to a film franchise, it’s to dangle a deleted scene in front of fans.


A cryptic post first appeared on the official Facebook page on Sunday, saying an “important message” was coming from President Snow. A day later, binary code was posted. When the binary code was cracked, it instructed the social media savvy to take to Twitter to make the aforementioned hash tag trend.

A slow-moving ‘progress bar’ then appeared on a spin-off Republic Project website, urging fans to up their tweeting action. Eventually – lo and behold – a clip was ‘leaked’ on Tumblr (whether this was always the plan is unclear): a brand new scene between Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and President Snow (Donald Sutherland).

It’s now available on the Republic Project website, too.

The clip zips us back to the heart of the Capitol and into a private meeting with President Snow and Peeta. Snow’s regime remains under threat from Katniss. In fact, frustratingly for the leader, his own granddaughter is among the “rabid fans” intrigued by Peeta et al.

The scene gives a little more insight into Snow’s control over Peeta. Not that fans are in any doubt Peeta would ever knowingly turn against Katniss. But it’s a chance to see it more from Peeta’s side than Katniss’s, whose thoughts we follow in the main throughout the film.


And hey, we’ll let the little jibe about “destructive adolescent fantasies” go, shall we Snow?