Will Smith pulls out award ceremony ‘loser face’ after Top Gear loss to Margot Robbie

Smith's Focus co-star beat him round the track by one tenth of a second

On Sunday night Focus co-stars Margot Robbie and Will Smith took to the Top Gear track, doing a lap in the show’s Reasonably Priced Car after a lesson or two with The Stig. Here they are waiting to find out who got round fastest…


And, if her gleeful face (and Smith’s shocked one) isn’t enough to give it away, it was Ms Robbie who took the win.

By just one tenth of a second. Check them out, nestled here between Benedict Cumberbatch and Warwick Davis.

The loss meant Smith could do just one thing: whip out his Academy Award loser face.

You know the one, when you have to pretend to be happy when someone else wins instead of you. Yeah, that one.

You just keep on clapping. Keep on, keep on clapping.

Smile and clap if you can. Even if your lips are tightly shut, hinting at your inner pain.

Try a little gesture of affection towards those who have beaten you.

And end with a secret little sigh to yourself.


See Focus in cinemas from 27th February. Top Gear continues Sundays at 8:00pm