Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

16-20 February: Paige and Lauren protest topless - and find themselves arrested by Matt

Monday 16 February


After an encounter at the caravan park, Amber decides that she and Daniel belong together. Josh and Imogen are both devastated when they find out, but Josh vows to be patient and wait – Amber will be his again. Paul and his former rival Sue work together to bury the secret of the mysterious photo. Cat arrives unannounced and asks Toadie and Sonya to let her stay. 

Tuesday 17 February

After receiving some stinging criticism from Susan about his performance, Brad contemplates leaving teaching. Sonya and Toadie contact Catʼs foster parents in an effort to reunite them. Matt enlists Naomi to help the police build a case against Dimato, but her refusal to be intimidated by him is short-lived when he threatens a more vulnerable target. 

Wednesday 18 February

When Sheila finds out that Naomi retracted her statement to the police in order to protect her from Dimato, she orders her to re-submit it. Kyle worries that Sheilaʼs recovery is not going as well as hoped, so in order to help he accepts a job offer to work at the bar doing the heavy lifting. When Lucy reveals that she has found a new sperm donor, Chris frets that he has lost his chance of ever becoming a father. 

Thursday 19 February

Chris performs a major turnaround by deciding that he still wants to father Lucyʼs baby. Nate, who was relieved that the baby plans did not materialise, is stunned. Paige threatens a topless protest when she discovers that Paul has covered up the naked female form on the Erinsborough Festival logo. Sheilaʼs trial run of ʻDining in the Darkʼ proves disastrous. Brennan and Naomi enjoy a romantic kiss. 

Friday 20 February


The topless protest is a success. After learning that Amber and Daniel are back together, Imogen gets drunk and wakes up with a stranger looming over her. Matt receives a lucrative job offer which is too good to turn down. A remark from Daniel stirs up painful memories of Rain for Amber. When he apologises, however, she realises that she overreacted and proposes to him. The wedding is back on!