8 things we learned at the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere

From Jamie Dornan's traffic jam to Dakota Johnson's chilly outing on the grey carpet, here's what happened when Fifty Shades came to Leicester Square

Fifty Shades of Grey fever descended on London on Thursday evening as Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson premiered their film in the UK. Also attended by author EL James and the movie’s director Sam Taylor Johnson, the event saw scores of fans flock to Leicester Square for a chance to clap their eyes on the much-hyped film’s two stars. 


Luckily RadioTimes.com managed to bag a ticket to the premiere – here’s a few things we noticed behind the scenes… 

1. The carpet was grey

It’s an obvious gimmick but nevertheless a neat one. While the Hobbit stars trod a green carpet and the Noah cast walked along a stormy sea, Jamie Dornan, dressed in a black suit, had a grey carpet (below) rolled out to receive him. Get it? Grey? Like Christian Grey? Oh, never mind…

2. Jamie Dornan caused a traffic jam

Such was the excitement around the star of the film, he caused a backlog on the red – sorry, grey – carpet as he stopped to sign autographs for fans. But they weren’t the only ones wanting a piece of Mr Dornan as guests walking into the cinema queued to snap photos of Mr Grey as he worked his way around his (many) screaming fans in London’s Leicester Square.

3. Dakota Johnson got chilly

Did no one tell the California native about London’s chilly February temperatures? It would appear not, as the 25-year-old (who plays Anastasia Steele) showed up in a plunging white gown before bravely making her way along the throng of press lining the carpet. It’s little wonder she was later spotted donning a leather jacket to shield her from the cold.

4. Jamie Dornan thinks it’s a “clever decision” to have the film directed by a woman

The film’s star is full of praise for Sam Taylor-Wood. Interviewed on the carpet by Edith Bowman, Dornan hailed his director as possessing plenty of “sophistication and class”. 

5. EL James only saw the finished edit two weeks ago

The author of the Fifty Shades trilogy had a hands-on approach when it came to translating her best-selling novels onto the silver screen. But it turns out she only saw a final version of the film a mere fortnight ago – a close shave given that it releases worldwide on Friday 13th February.

6. But she couldn’t say no to watching it again

Dornan, Johnson, Taylor-Wood and James all took to the stage inside Leicester Square’s Odeon cinema to introduce their work before making a swift exit (after all, who needs to see themselves naked on a gigantic screen twice?). But it turns out the novelist couldn’t resist another watch of her favourite characters in perfect definition as we spotted her making an exit from the cinema after the credits rolled.

7. Ladies’ night

It should come as no surprise that Thursday night’s premiere was rather female-skewed. The gentlemen viewers were few and far between as women frantically fumbled for their phones (yours truly included) to snap pictures when Dornan’s grey carpet interview appeared on the cinema screen. Here’s the evidence. I’m not proud of myself. 


8. It’s a 30-second wait until the first glimpse of Jamie Dornan’s torso

Yup, they make you wait a full half minute before your first glimpse of topless Grey. How dare they. Although Dornan’s chiselled chest did earn its very own whoop from a smattering of fans within the premiere – a reaction I imagine will be repeated across the country come Friday. 

Fifty Shades of Grey is released in UK cinemas on Friday 13th February

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