Jurassic World: Is this another new dinosaur?

A part triceratops, part stegosaurus looks like it may be joining Chris Pratt on Isla Nubar…


We already knew that action reboot/sequel Jurassic World was largely based around a terrifying lab-created new dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, which is basically a land shark created to use thumbs and hatred – but now it’s looking like that clever invention might not be the only dino monster mash-up on the island.


What appear to be some official Jurassic Park toy designs (created by Hasbro) have been released online, including a creature that looks very much like they just glued a spare Triceratops’ head on the body of a Stegosaurus – and then came up with the simplest name they could think of.

It’s unknown whether the “Stegoceratops” will actually appear in the film, but it might make sense if it did – perhaps the scientists experimented with making more exciting dinosaurs before the Indominus Rex? Or maybe the filmmakers just have a secret love for 1983 movie Yor, hunter from the future where a similar creature once appeared…

Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see a few more hybrids; like the Pterannosaurus Rex (basically a T-Rex but with wings), or a Velociraptor who has one of those big diplodocus necks! The world is our genetically-altered oyster (which can shoot acid when you try to steal a pearl).

Interestingly the toy also seems wounded, which could reference a specific plot point in the upcoming movie – then again, the play set (which comes out in April) is called “bashers and biters” so they might just want them to look like that to complete the fighting aesthetic. Curiously though, the other toys in the set with Steggy are just your common or garden resurrected dinos – no hybrids there.  So why put them together?

Of course, it’s not unprecedented for toy companies to go off book in their tie-in movie creations – for 2013’s Iron Man 3, Lego brought out a bunch of sets that had no presence in the movie including an attack vehicle for Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin that he didn’t have in the film due to his, you know, not really being a villain or doing anything.

So is it 100 per cent confirmed that we’ll see the Stegoceratops in the movie? No. But is it exciting that it could be? You bet Jurassic is.


Jurassic World is in UK cinemas from 12th June