Jon Stewart is quitting The Daily Show and Twitter is very upset

The veteran satirist has stepped down leaving JK Rowling, Hugh Laurie, Robert Peston and the rest of the internet devastated

Last night the news broke that after nearly two decades, pioneering American satirist Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show – and everyone was very emotional.


Over the last 16 years Stewart has brought his acerbic style of news to millions of people, sparred with politicians and inspired an interest in politics to many who would otherwise not have bothered.

It’s understandable people are upset on social media, especially considering the previous departure by Stephen Colbert (one of Stewart’s former protégées) from his own satirical series last year. But few could have been prepared for the level of Twitter grief that has followed…

Really, we should have known something was afoot after this tease…

After the announcement some were just thankful for Stewart’s time on the show, and wished him well

Some excitedly looked to the future

However, some were more serious about Stewart’s departure

In fact, some people were actually pretty upset

OK, a lot upset

Actually, it might be an idea to have some of those Take That helplines open…

As some pointed out, the outpouring of grief seemed a bit extreme


But if the Twitter reaction is anything to go by, one thing’s for sure – people are definitely going to miss you, Jon Stewart,