Doctor Who opening title sequences ranked

In over 50 years there have been many different versions of the famous titles - but which is the best? Join us for our count down, then let us know what you think...

2. The Twelfth Doctor’s title sequence (2014-present)

One of the more interesting designs in the history of the series, this version of the opening credits forgoes the usual psychedelic vortex effect to focus in the aesthetic of time – and Capaldi’s attack eyebrows.


How Doctor Who are you?

In a nice detail, this design came largely from the mind of a fan who created their own idea for the opening credits – you can see Billy Hanshaw’s effort below if you want to play spot the difference.

1. The First Doctor’s title sequence (1963-7, 2013)

Could there be any other winner? Sure there have been slicker interpretations but this was the one that started it all – and unlike its successors, it’s aged pretty well. Seeing the original titles in 50th anniversary the Day of the Doctor was the perfect way to honour these titles – the first and the best.


All together now – dadadadun, dadadadun, dadadadun, dadadadun…