Doctor Who opening title sequences ranked

In over 50 years there have been many different versions of the famous titles - but which is the best? Join us for our count down, then let us know what you think...

Doctor Who’s given us a lot of things including classic sci-fi storylines, sobering visions of mankind’s dark future, plenty of shipping opportunities and one hell of a cosplay wardrobe, but there’s one thing that often gets overlooked – its influence on the genre of the brilliant opening credits.


For over 50 years the series has been dazzling us with psychedelic visions of vortex’s deep space and middle-aged men’s faces, and seeing as the BBC Doctor Who channel has been collecting some of them together we decided to pick our favourites and rank them.

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14. The Seventh Doctor’s title sequence (1987-89)

Sadly, this version of the opening has dated more than any other, due to its use of then pioneering computer graphics that look hopelessly old hat now. The theme seems a bit muted too, and then there’s that strange wink…

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13. The Sixth Doctor’s title sequence (1984-6)


At this point the opening sequence was looking more like a night in Vegas than a journey through the Time Vortex, and the very best of 1980s special effects weren’t helping, adding layers to an already crowded design from the Fourth and Fifth Doctors (see below). Still, a later version of the theme did debut an improved mix of the Doctor Who theme, so that’s something.