Boyhood’s Honest Trailer: it’s like the Harry Potter franchise but without a plot. Or magic. Or fun.

We're promised it didn't take quite so long to make...

Richard Linklater’s time-lapse drama Boyhood may have cleaned up at the Baftas on Sunday, but now it’s received the greatest honour of all – an Honest Trailer.


Sadly the team at Screenjunkies didn’t go the whole hog and film it over 12 years (that we know of – we’ll check back in 2027) but the video does ape the indie style and music of its inspiration without the help of their trademark voiceover actor (though he hopes he’s still getting paid).

Yes it’s basically Harry Potter without magic, and the script would be weird in any other film – but even these cynics can’t deny the power of the movie that inspired a new generation to feel guilty about not calling their mothers enough.


If only getting one six-year-old to film the most awkward years of his life hadn’t been so darn inspiring. Oh well, all together now – Watchhh him grow…from a cute kid to an…emo…