10 things we know about Pitch Perfect 2

There is nudity, pillow fights, suspensions and a cameo appearance from the President of the United States in the sequel to 2012's Pitch Perfect

It’s been over two years since Pitch Perfect hit cinemas, and in that time positive reviews and aca-tastic tunes have brought it a fan following who just can’t get enough of the film’s unique brand of Bridesmaids-meets-Glee comedy.


Beca, Fat Amy and the rest of the Barden Bellas will be back this May for more aca-awesome adventures, but in the meantime, to celebrate the release of a brand new trailer, here are 10 things we now know about Pitch Perfect 2: 

1. Elizabeth Banks misses the Capitol 

That hair. That dress. Effie Trinket would be proud. 

2. The President of the United States stars. Kind of. 

… when the Barden Bellas sing for him on his birthday. 

3. They are channeling Miley Cyrus and Beyonce this time 

Forget I Saw the Sign, the Bellas are truly embracing modern pop, wrecking ball ‘n all. 

4. But there is nudity

“The Australian singer gave the President a birthday present from down under”

5. And The Bellas get suspended

6. It means sleeping arrangements get a little cosier… 

7. The Bellas pop on their matching waistcoats and decide to compete in the Royal Championships to try and reclaim their place as American champions

8. This is what their competition, European a cappella, looks like 

9. Then there is jumping in pools…

10. And pillow-fights

Classic college japes. 

Watch the trailer: 


Pitch Perfect 2 is in UK cinemas 15th May