What we learned about Game of Thrones season 5 from HBO’s A Day in the Life documentary

One day. Three countries. Seven Kingdoms. 24 hours behind the scenes...


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll know that season five lands in the UK on Monday 13th April. But before we catch up with the cast, we get the chance to go behind the scenes with the crew.


HBO’s A Day in the Life documentary was shot in three of the five countries that feature as locations, over the course of the same 24-hour period.

It airs on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday night (10th February) at 9pm. But you can get a sneak peek via YouTube.

Here’s what we learned about season five…

A LOT of people wanted to get involved

“More than 86,000 people applied to be an extra in the show,” reveals line producer Peter Welter Soler.

Applications came from Spain, Europe, Argentina, California and beyond, but only a few were lucky enough to make it over the wall and get their hands (and everything else) dirty.

We’re off to sunny Spain

It’s highly unlikely that Daenerys would ever swap her dragons for a plane to the Costa Brava but season five needed some new locations and it was in the Spanish city of Seville that the crew found them.

The famous Alcazar Palace will double as the Water Gardens of Dorne, home to House Martell (who are likely to be feeling pretty vengeful following this shocking moment from last series).

There’s something seriously exciting going down in a Spanish bull ring

The Plaza de Toros in Osuna underwent quite the transformation just so the crew could film a single epic scene across 12 days.

Line director Welter Soler wasn’t dropping any hints but we can’t help but wonder if this curious crowd shot gave it away?

Daeny’s getting down to business

While sneaking a peek behind the scenes in Belfast we discovered that episode one features a rather important gathering in Daenerys’ apartment.

She’s now Queen of Mereen and getting her first insight into what’s going on in the town she and her Unsullied warriors liberated in season four.

Something fishy is happening north of The Wall

The crew headed back to Magheramorne Quarry to build the fishing village of Hardhome. Constructed on the site of Castle Black and the Kings Landing battlements from the Battle of Blackwater, the village is set to see a LOT of action this season.

We ain’t seen nor heard nothing yet, but for once Jon Snow is definitely in the know.

Cersei’s in for a hard landing

She’s not been having the easiest time of it recently and now she’s forced to mingle with the masses as she wants to speak to The High Sparrow (played by Jonathan Pryce).

What does she want? And will he be willing to listen? Guess we’ll just have to wait and Cersei…

Winter wouldn’t be coming without a whole lot of hard work

The 1,000-strong crew shot continuously in two units for 120 days to bring Game of Thrones season five to life…

It was filmed in five countries on 151 sets, featuring 166 cast members and 5,000 extras.

Now here’s all of the above crammed into just 26 minutes…


Game of Thrones: A Day in The Life airs on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday 10th February at 9pm