Spider-Man drops Andrew Garfield and teams up with Avengers

Sony and Marvel Studios have brokered a deal that will see the webbed hero appear in Marvel’s cinematic universe

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does whatever a Spider can,

Spins a web, any size,

Reunites the Marvel franchise,

Look out…Here comes the Spider-Man…(crossover).

Yes, the Andrew Garfield era of Spider-Man is dead and the webbed wonder is joining forces with other super-powered characters.

The news was first leaked following the Sony cyber attack and now Marvel Studios have officially announced a plan to collaborate with Sony Pictures. The deal will bring a new generation of Spider-Man movies to the screen – including some where he teams up with other Marvel heroes like The Avengers.

The announcement comes after Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a commercial disappointment last year, putting a kibosh on their own plans for a “shared” movie universe based around the character’s friends and enemies and presumably influencing this alliance.

The Marvel/Sony plan will see a new version of the web slinger (aka Peter Parker) appear as a secondary character in an upcoming Marvel movie (potentially 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, which sees Chris Evans’ patriotic hero come to blows with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man), before starring in his own standalone film in 2017. According to the Wall Street Journal, the character will be played by a new actor taking over from incumbent Andrew Garfield.

Previously, Spider-Man was unable to exist in the same film universe as heroes like Iron Man, Hulk and co due to complicated rights issues which the new deal will resolve.

In the original Marvel comics Spider-Man interacted with characters like The Avengers, the Hulk and Captain America for over 50 years, but when Marvel was in financial distress in the 90s (and before they made their own movies) they sold the film rights to their most popular characters.

As it stands, Marvel has the rights to the Avengers, Daredevil and many other heroes, but mutant team the X-Men and cosmic adventurers the Fantastic Four (who have their own film coming soon) are currently owned by 20th Century Fox, while Sony retain the rights to Spider-Man but will work with Marvel under the new arrangement.

Speaking of the new deal, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said: “I am thrilled to team with my friends at Sony Pictures along with Amy Pascal to produce the next Spider-Man movie.”

“I am equally excited for the opportunity to have Spider-Man appear in the MCU, something which both we at Marvel, and fans alike, have been looking forward to for years.”


Sony Pictures President Doug Belgrand added: “Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios share a love for the characters in the Spider-Man universe and have a long, successful history of working together. This new level of collaboration is the perfect way to take Peter Parker’s story into the future.”