Fifty Shades of Grey exclusive clip: It’s a mad back-and-forth love story, says Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and director Sam Taylor-Johnson talk the "very deep emotional journey" that is Fifty Shades


We’ve read the book, obsessed about the correct casting and watched trailer after teaser after trailer. And now there are just three days until Fifty Shades of Grey the film hits UK cinemas. 


Seriously, who cares about Valentine’s Day cards, fluffy teddybears or bunches of red roses? This year it’s all about the big screen adaptation of EL James’ naughty novels. 

To get you even more excited, we’ve got our hands on a UK exclusive. A two-minute clip featuring brand new footage from the film, as well as Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and director Sam Taylor-Johnson talking about the “intense and sophisticated” film. 

Dornan, aka Christian Grey, calls the much-anticipated movie “a mad back-and-forth love story” while Dakota Johnson adds, “It’s very rich, it’s enticing and it’s romantic. It’s a sexy film.”

It’s a “very deep emotional journey between two people who are trying to reckon with what the relationship is, what a relationship is,” adds Taylor-Johnson, concluding: “I just hope it honours what people want from the movie.” 

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and based on EL James’ best-selling novels, Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora.  


Fifty Shades is in UK cinemas on 13th February