Baftas 2015: The Lego Movie team on Oscar snubs, Lego Batman and Benedict Cumberbatch

The quirky comedy took home best animated film at the Baftas last night - and was on the red carpet with its creators Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Dan Lin

When the hugely popular Lego Movie missed out on an Oscar nomination last month, there was a lot of consternation from fans – and the film’s writer/director duo Chris Lord and Phil Miller say the anger and passion was heartening.


“We’re the first punk-rock children’s film!” Lord told on the Bafta red carpet last night, with Miller adding: “It’s really nice to see so much love through hate.”

Despite the snub, The Lego Movie went on to take home the Bafta for best animated film – but what made the comedy such a success?

“We tried to make a movie that was appealing to each other – we weren’t really trying to write for children or adults, we were just trying to make ourselves laugh and tell an engaging story,” Miller said.

“It just so happens that our sensibility is juvenile enough that kids enjoyed it as well.”

The team also discussed their future projects (including the spin-off Lego Batman), and added that their main concern wasn’t awards buzz anyway – they just wanted to avoid an inevitable stampede…

“I’m hoping to get off the carpet before Benedict Cumberbatch gets here and it gets flooded with excited ladies,” Lord joked.

“I’m hearing screams so he might be behind me…”


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