All visitors must die at Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

Get up close to props from the HBO show then enjoy dying

Ways you can die at Games of Thrones: The Exhibition

1. Roasted by dragon fire.


2. White Walker zombification.

3. Shot in the gut by a flaming arrow and falling headfirst off The Wall. 

You won’t forget that last one in a hurry.

In the UK for the first time, Game of Thrones: The Exhibition not only features many amazing props (and a sneak peek at series 5) but also all of the sex and violence you have come to expect from the show. Minus the sex. 

Before arriving at the Sky Backstage area of London’s O2 (the exhibition is only open to Sky TV customers), visitors go online to pledge allegiance to a house. Your reporter chose House Stark, because he identifies with Sansa the long-suffering ginger and often loses his head. You’re then given a code that links to some interactive exhibits, so you can die in a variety of ways.

“Look Mum, here’s me on fire. And here’s me as a shambling corpse.”

“That’s lovely dear. Why don’t you go play outside?”

The most effective of these scenes uses an Oculus Rift VR headset to take you up The Wall. If you’ve never used such a device before, the effect is startling. Aided by a rumbling floor and wind effects, it truly feels like you are standing hundreds of feet above the ground. The vertigo was enough to make me forget I was actually standing in a small wooden cubicle, reach out my arms for balance and smash my hand on an iron bar.

Oh well, I’ll live. Maybe. 

Elsewhere in the exhibition are props and costumes that fans will recognise immediately. From costumes…

…to weapons fit for a Mountain… 

…and even Ned Stark’s Volvo.

The craftsmanship on everything is jaw-dropping. According to Sky Atlantic controller Zai Bennett, it took seven planes to bring it all here. Those same seven planes will take it all away on a world tour in a few days’ time so make haste.

And yes, you can sit on the Iron Throne, but don’t get too comfortable. Remember…

…valar morghulis. All visitors must die.

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition is at the O2 9th-12th and 15th-17th of February. Game of Thrones series 5 airs 13th April on Sky Atlantic.