Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

9-13 February: Josh kisses Amber, while Cat is left heartbroken


Monday 9 February


Daniel reacts strangely when Josh and Amber question him about the mystery photograph. Sparks fly between Daniel and Amber when they watch the Australia Day fireworks together. Sonya is devastated when Erin does a runner with Brennanʼs laptop and wallet. Toadie and Kyle organise an intergenerational Australia Day cricket match. 

Tuesday 10 February

Cat is heartbroken to find out that Erin will not be showing up for their planned visit. Sonya tracks Erin down but it dawns on her that it she is a lost cause. Paul is concerned that Lucy and Chris are not taking their joint venture seriously enough and advises them to draw up a contract. In an effort to boost business at Haroldʼs, Lou poaches Sheilaʼs new bartender. 

Wednesday 11 February

Lucy is left reeling when she discovers that Chris wants to be more than just a donor. Lou apologises to Sheila and brokers a truce, but when she introduces a new menu all thoughts of reconciliation fly out of the window. On the day of the house settlement, Matt worries that he will not be able to afford his mortgage payments. 

Thursday 12 February

Amber and Imogen host an impromptu pool party, but when Daniel turns up and sees Amber and Josh talking, he is overcome with jealousy. After being warned off Brennan by Paige, Naomi discovers that his head is not in the right place for a relationship, but the pair agree that something purely physical might be fun. Matt takes on a second job to help ease the pressure he is feeling about the mortgage repayments. Susan questions Bradʼs commitment to teaching, but he thinks that she is still blaming him for Karlʼs accident. 

Friday 13 February


Confused about her feelings for Josh and seeking clarity, Amber visits the campsite where she lived with Daniel. Chris and Lucy are stunned to discover that they are both carriers for spinal muscle atrophy and after talking through the risks, Chris decides that he can no longer be her donor. When Paul comes into possession of pages from ʻThe Book of Secretsʼ and threatens a defamation suit, Lou retires E M Williams to avoid any further trouble.