First picture of Tom Hiddleston in High-Rise

Tom Hiddleston is going up in JG Ballard adaptation

Look at Tom Hiddleston. Nice, isn’t he? Looks flash in that sharp suit. A bit bored, maybe. Just minding his own business, waiting for the lift to reach his top floor penthouse. 


Soon he will sink to new depths… 

The first image from High-Rise, the movie adaptation of  JG Ballard’s novel, gives no hint of the weirdness to come. Set in 1975 (but also sort of the future), it follows the residents of a London tower block that cuts itself off from society and descends into mayhem, class warfare and violence.

Hiddleston plays anti-hero Dr Robert Laing, with Jeremy Irons as the architect of the building. Among their neighbours from hell are Luke Evans, Sienna Miller and James Purefoy.


Speaking to Empire magazine, director Ben Wheatley said “The book makes as much sense now as it did then.”