Emmerdale spoilers: do Chas and Paddy know that Robert killed Katie?

Will the conniving Robert get his comeuppance?

Robert Sugden is to have a showdown with Chas and Paddy next week when the pair come to suspect him of murdering Katie Sugden.


The confrontation comes after Chas begins to think that Katie’s death might not have been a tragic accident. Knowing that her late friend was at loggerheads with Robert, she confides her thoughts in ex-partner Paddy.

But when Aaron learns about what’s going on, he quickly defends Robert and reveals that the pair of them have been seeing each other in secret.

With the guilt of Katie’s death weighing heavy on his shoulders and his his affair with Aaron playing on his mind, Robert goes to meet with an angry Chas and Paddy. But just what will they confront him with? And what will Robert agree to do?


Emmerdale airs these scenes on Thursday 12 February.