Emmerdale: Andy cradles Katie’s body in an emotional scene from Monday’s episode – watch it now

And the conniving Robert is pretending that he knows nothing about Katie's grisly fate


Poor Andy Sugden – he marries the girl of his dreams, he falls out with her, and then she falls through the floor at Wylie’s Farm. Yes, Suggers is to be left an emotional wreck on Monday’s episode of Emmerdale in the wake of wife Katie’s shock demise.


Viewers last night saw Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) react with shock when he discovered Katie’s fate – but what happens next? Find out in the clip below from Monday’s episode as Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and the duplicitous Robert (Ryan Hawley) arrive at the scene to find Andy cradling Katie’s body.


Robert is, of course, responsible for what has happened to Katie, having rowed with Andy’s missus and sent her plunging through the unsafe floorboards at the derelict farm. But it looks like he’s feigning ignorance about what has happened. Will he own up to the truth?