Star Wars vs Star Trek trailer boldly goes to a galaxy far far away

Your inner child is going to explode...

Space may be infinite, but it’s not big enough for both the Starship Enterprise and the Death Star. YouTube user Alex Luthor has created this epic (no, really) movie trailer, imagining a face off between the cast and starships of Star Wars and Star Trek.


Of course, the Trekkies vs Star Wars battle has raged for decades now, but this still wins points for the seamless way the franchises are stitched together. Yes, it’s a slightly disconcerting mix of the modern Star Trek reboot films and all sorts of Star Wars (the originals, the prequels, the video games) but do you hear that tinkling, gleeful laughter inside your heart? That’s your inner child. They do

n’t seem to mind.

Alex Luthor has a reputation for these epic (no, really) face offs between franchises, including Marvel vs Terminator, Avengers vs X-Men and Star Wars vs DC and Marvel.


Of course, he is helped by the standard format of modern adverts: fade in from darkness, ominous voice over, lingering question at the end, etc etc etc. He should do Star Wars vs Marvel vs DC vs Matthew McConaughey’s car advert next.