Stephen Fry on overlooking young Benedict Cumberbatch and a QI American remake

The host of this Sunday's Bafta Film Awards tells who he'd like to take his place if the BBC2 quiz show ever got a US makeover...

When Stephen Fry takes to the stage to host this Sunday’s Bafta Film Awards, it’ll be for the tenth time. The writer, actor and comedian is a dab hand at dishing out prizes to the brightest stars of Blighty and Tinseltown, often providing some of the evening’s best entertainment with his grammatical corrections and plummy swearing.


This year’s ceremony sees a host of British talent up for awards, including The Imitation Game’s Benedict Cumberbatch whom Fry once handed second (yes, second) prize in a school acting competition. He’s still rather embarrassed by his poor decision making, although Cumberbatch could twist the knife if he picks up the best acting prize this weekend for his portrayal of Alan Turing.

The pair are among some of the famous faces to sign a petition calling for the 49,000 gay men prosecuted under British law to be pardoned – watch the video below to hear Stephen talking about the campaign and his top picks if QI got an American remake…


The EE British Academy Film Awards take place on Sunday 8th February, 9pm on BBC1