Jurassic World vs Furious 7: which film had the craziest Super Bowl trailer?

Chris Pratt with velociraptors or The Rock with a mini-gun...

Jurassic World and Fast & Furious 7. One film is about small-brained creatures flattening everything in sight. The other is Jurassic World.



Both big budget action films had new trailers at last night’s Super Bowl, and both were a tad over the top. Actually, make that bat**** insane. But which trailer was crazier?

Let’s consider the evidence.

This dinosaur hunts for sport. It also plays darts. For sport.


Remember the British bad guy from a previous film? Well, this is his brother. Yes, we watched Die Hard 3 last night. Why do you ask?

Dinosaur sign language.


Vin Diesel in a cummerbund.

Bye bye birdie.


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Our vicious GM dinosaur has the slender fingers of a harpist.



They crashed so hard that building spontaneously exploded.




Only one thing is certain: 2015 is going to make no sense whatsoever.