Doctor Who’s top ten most tragic deaths

From heroic last stands to tearful goodbyes, here are the most heartbreaking demises of the modern era from 10-1

While hardly being Game of Thrones, people do die in Doctor Who – an occupational hazard of hanging around a Time Lord with a special interest in things that want to kill you. 


Yet there are some deaths that feel especially sad or unfair, that affect a character you have grown to genuinely care about, regardless of whether they have been a regular part of the show, or if you’ve only know them for 45 minutes. But which Nu Who death hits the hardest? thinks we know so, of course, have compiled our top ten. 

Do you have a different opinion, though? If so, let us know below. 

10. Oh my god, they killed Rory! (Various episodes)


Not since Kenny in South Park has a character died quite so many times as Amy Pond’s boyfriend Rory Williams. Rory’s deaths include: being killed in a hypothetical reality by an evil grandma, being shot by a Silurian (before being erased from existence by a crack in time) and, quite simply, dying of old age, which he did twice, before then being sent back in time by a Weeping Angel, and then dying of old age again. Make up your mind, Rory.