Can we guess what’s going to happen in Call the Midwife series 4 episode 3?

Ellie Walker-Arnott gazes for literally minutes into her crystal ball (and at some preview pictures) before predicting the future of the Nonnatus nuns...

Last Sunday’s Call the Midwife packed an emotional punch. We had distressing scenes, hospital dramas and sobbing midwives when one woman’s labour didn’t go to plan.


The episode saw expectant mum Abigail lose one baby in the womb, before discovering she was actually expecting twins and a second, healthy baby was on the way. After quick look at Twitter, it was clear no one was managing to get through the episode with dry eyes

The series’ second instalment also marked the arrival of yet another new midwife. Nurse Phyllis Crane was called to Nonnatus to help with the staffing shortage and her arrival certainly ruffled some feathers in Poplar. Meanwhile Sister Julienne was caught up in her own dramas when she came face-to-face with a flame from her past, who was keen to solve Nonnatus’ financial woes with a generous donation.

But what’s going to happen this week? Time to make some suprious suggestions…

Ever wondered what happened to Ivy when she left Downton Abbey for a better life across the pond? Well it turns out she didn’t quite make it. Fast forward a decade or four, and the young kitchenmaid is now a pregnant wife in poverty-stricken Poplar. She might have aged remarkably well (by our calculations she’s actually in her fifties) but she now spends her days making china figurines to pay the bills and dreaming about what could have been. Should have stuck around Mrs Patmore’s kitchen, eh, Ivy? 

Ivy’s little one has made it safely into the world, but the drama is far from over. She always was an honest and upstanding kitchenmaid and the years away from the Abbey haven’t changed her. She needs to tell the truth. She can’t live a lie a moment longer…

“There’s something I’ve got to tell you,” she says, her bottom lip quivering as her husband reaches out towards his newborn son. “The baby’s not yours. It’s Jimmy’s…” 

Clearly this newbie is still struggling to adapt to life at Nonnatus. Nurse Phyllis Crane is having a strop in her car after another to-do with Sister Evangelina. The forward-thinking nurse tried to introduce yet more organisational tools to Nonnatus – you know, highlighters, Filofaxes, Excel spreadsheets – and Evanglina bit her tongue. But attempting to put an end to the sponge-based, icing-topped distractions the Nonnatus nuns are so fond of? Now there are some things she simply can’t put up with. 

There’s one Poplar resident whole heartedly behind Phyllis’ organisational rampage: Fred. Sure, it’s mainly because he loves an excuse to whip out another official-looking uniform and there wasn’t been an unexploded bomb scare in aaaages, but as far as he’s concerned it’s time this midwifery lark got its administrative act together. From now on each midwife will have their own territories to look after. Morning or night, evenings or weekends, these babies must be delivered with utmost efficiency. 

Just as Downton Abbey characters slip seamlessly onto the streets of Poplar, so do their storylines. It seems an unsatisfied patient has stumbled across a leaflet for the National Accident Helpline and now Dr Turner is facing legal troubles of his own. Like Anna before her, Shelagh is already donning Sherlock’s deerstalker and scouring the East End for evidence of her husband’s innocence. Free Bates Turner!


Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1