See Nick Park’s cameo in Shaun the Sheep: The Movie

The Wallace and Gromit creator appears in animation for the first time


Many creators cameo in their own films, but few have to sculpt their own face beforehand. In these hilarious pictures Nick Park, the man behind Wallace and Gromit, cameos in the new Shaun the Sheep movie.


After a peaceful spot of birdwatching, the Oscar-winning animator gets attacked by ducks. Not even Alfred Hitchcock went that far…

And if a twitching Nick Park isn’t enough, he speaks about Shaun’s big screen exploits in the latest issue of Radio Times. Point the Blippar app at the cover and it will come to life with exclusive animation from Aardman. (We promise you won’t be attacked by birds.)

Shaun is truly the sheep of the moment. As well as his movie opening on February 6th, he has a special half hour episode (The Farmer’s Llamas) lined up to air on BBC1 this Christmas and 120 statues of the animal are poised to invade London and Bristol (much like the Gromit and Paddington trails earlier this year).


Personally, we can’t wait to see Shaun the Sheep: the Movie. When you do, keep your eyes open during a certain scene set in a restaurant. Director Richard Starzak revealed to Radio Times that the team ran out of cars for the background, and were forced to use a car-shaped crash helmet. See if you can spot it!