Kiefer Sutherland takes to the Top Gear track

We're wondering if Jack Bauer taught The Stig to say 'Damn it' during the 24 star's spin in the Reasonably Priced Car...

The Stig welcomed a new star to the Top Gear track for this weekend’s show: Mr Kiefer Sutherland. 


We imagine the actor – best known for playing Jack Bauer in hit TV series 24 – taught The Stig a couple of things too, namely his catchphrase “Damn it!”

The Stig is seen vacating the car. Presumably because there’s nothing left to teach Sutherland. Or he’s given up and struck him off as a lost cause – we’ll have to wait for that all-important track time to find out.

But Sutherland’s smiling…

And the car looks like it’s still intact, so we bargain it went well.

The actor posed up a storm with The Stig:

Here’s hoping at least part of it was shot 24-style like this. Just with a much faster time, eh?


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