Charlotte Ritchie on Call the Midwife: I’m annoyed that I’m in it – I’ve ruined the show for myself!

The Nonnatus House newbie says she's "broken the magic" of her favourite show by becoming one of its stars

Charlotte Ritchie has bagged her dream role as new nurse Barbara Gilbert in BBC1 hit Call the Midwife. But as a big fan of the period drama, she’s actually a little annoyed now that her own face keeps popping up on the show. 


“I have been watching the episodes as they go out. It’s horrible! I’ve ruined the show for myself,” she told us at last night’s Radio Times Covers Party. 

It’s even meant that Ritchie, who admitted to crying during every episode previously, has remained dry-eyed this series: “I haven’t cried yet in this series, but I think it’s because I’m in it. I’ve really broken the magic for myself. It’s such a shame!” 

“It’s still a gorgeous show. I still enjoy it,” she adds, “maybe just like 75% now.” 

And while Ritchie would understand if the public took a while to warm to Barbara – “She’s a new character and it’s such an established show, you might be a bit protective over it. I know I am. I’m annoyed that I’m in it!” – fans of the show clearly don’t agree. 

“People have been so lovely. It really surprised me actually how kind people have been,” says Ritchie. “I’m so relieved that people like her.”

It’s a good job too, as Ritchie intends on sticking around “as long as they ask me to.”

“You don’t really ever take for granted how rare it is to have a show like Call the Midwife where the scripts are so good, the characters are so full.”


Call the Midwife continues on Sundays at 8:00pm on BBC1