Charlie Brooker: “I’d love to do a Black Mirror film”

The Weekly Wipe writer and broadcaster says some episodes of the dystopian drama could work better on the silver screen

He returns to the small screen for another series of Weekly Wipe this Thursday – but writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker already has his eye on the multiplexes.


“I’d love to make a film ultimately,” he tells “There’s been quite a few episodes [of Black Mirror] where we thought ‘God, you could do a feature-length version of this quite easily’. White Bear, 15 million merits come to mind – Be Right Back as well actually. There were lots of ideas we had to leave out.”

He adds: “It just depends on it being the right sort of story. Usually 45 minutes, once you knock the ads out, feels about the right length for those sort of stories.”

Of course, technically a Black Mirror movie is already happening – in 2013, it was announced that actor Robert Downey Jr had optioned series one’s The Entire History of You (which saw humanity equipped with video contact lenses so they could pore over their past mistakes in detail) for a possible movie project.

So why doesn’t Brooker consider that his movie? Well, because he didn’t write it – and apparently the film rights were sold before they even made the Black Mirror version of the concept for Channel 4.

“That’s not really to do with me, because that was written by Jesse [Armstrong, also co-creator of Peep Show],” he explains.

“He originally had this idea that was much more of a conspiracy thriller type thing, but with the backdrop of this world where people could rewind everything. So he carved out the film rights for that anyway from the start, and that’s what the film deal is all based on as I understand it.”

He concludes: “I literally don’t know anything that’s going on with that – they could be turning it into a musical about people who live in the circus for all I know. I doubt that’s happened – but it COULD have happened.”

For now, Brooker says he’s sticking to his TV guns, returning to the world of rolling news for current affairs parody/comment series Weekly Wipe this Thursday.

“It’s always surprisingly gruelling, but also fun at the same time,” he says of the BBC2 show, which he also describes as “not necessarily as completely pessimistic as it appears.

“We’re sometimes tongue-in-cheek with the level of pessimism, because often you’ll find I’m aiming a level of vitriol at something extremely frivolous – and obviously to a degree within the show I’m playing a character,” he says.

“I’ll tell you what, though. It does do funny things to your head after a while – after weeks and weeks of watching of watching the news, when the series is over I just don’t watch anything. For like, a month. There’s definitely a need to decompress.”


Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe returns to BBC2 on Thursday 29th January at 10.00pm